Newfoundland Woman Convicted of Assaulting Boyfriend After Getting Kicked Out of a Bryan Adams Concert

She threw macaroni salad at him and then stabbed him in the face
Newfoundland Woman Convicted of Assaulting Boyfriend After Getting Kicked Out of a Bryan Adams Concert
A Newfoundland man found himself "Cut Like a Knife" after he and his girlfriend were kicked out of a Bryan Adams concert last July in St. John's — an incident that led the woman to throw a pot of macaroni salad at her boyfriend and then stab him in the face.
Following the ejection of the concert at Mile One Centre, an altercation between the couple resulted in the 34-year-old woman being convicted of common assault, assault with a weapon, assaulting a peace officer and possessing a weapon for dangerous purposes.
According to a report by the Canadian Press, the conflict at the concert began when the woman moved from her seat to get closer to the stage. Another fan became angry with her and started taking pictures of her on his phone. The boyfriend then stepped in, grabbing the phone and throwing it, causing security to kick the couple out while the concert was still going on.
In court last week, the woman testified that upon returning home, she was angry with her boyfriend for getting them kicked out of the expensive concert. And when she asked him to leave her house and he wouldn't, she pushed him. She said he retaliated by throwing her to the floor.
The woman said she then threw a pot of macaroni salad at her boyfriend, then grabbed "one of those knives I use to peel potatoes" and pointed it at him. He then wrestled the knife away from her and threw it, with both parties allegedly getting cut in the scuffle.
The boyfriend testified that the cut he sustained on his face could have been either of their faults, though police officers called to the scene stated in court that the woman had shown guilt that she stabbed the man.
Police officers also testified that the woman's account of events was unreliable due to her level of intoxication on the night of the concert. According to officers, she tried to spit at one of them when being taken into custody.

The judge, meanwhile, argued that the couple were minimizing the details of the incident in effort to help an ongoing dispute to regain custody of their children.
The woman is expected to appear in court again on June 3 for a sentencing hearing.