​A Guy with an Accordion Keeps Playing "Despacito" on the TTC

And Toronto can't decide if it loves or hates the guy
​A Guy with an Accordion Keeps Playing 'Despacito' on the TTC
In the traditions of Zanta and Peter Parkour, Toronto has a new viral performer who's taking over the city — Despacito Man.
Over the last few weeks, a man with an accordion has been both entertaining and irritating subway commuters on the TTC by performing Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's ubiquitous 2017 smash "Despacito."
Though the performer's real identity has yet to be revealed, he's been making the rounds on the Bloor-Danforth line — though, as one Twitter user pointed out, there appears to be a second incarnation of the guy on the Yonge-University line, as well.
Public reaction to the vigilante busker has been extremely mixed, with Torontonians seemingly divided between pure joy and utter annoyance. See some of the warring reactions below.
In addition to gathering information and a Despacito Man description from upset customers, the TTC has ensured customers that it will fight to uphold riders' right to "a relatively peaceful ride."
"To be clear, the TTC is a big supporter of local musical talent done right," TTC spokesperson Stuart Green told BlogTO. "Aspiring Weird Als and other musicians must restrict their public transit performances to the authorized subway musicians program, Underground Sounds."
If "Despacito" isn't your jam, but you like the idea of underground entertainment (without the torture of an actual commute), be sure to check out the TTC and Exclaim! co-presentation of CMW Underground. Taking place at Lower Bay Station on May 11, the special show will feature DeliluhE-SaggilaTyriqueordie and a special guest headliner.