A Florida Man Is Trying to Book Smash Mouth in an Abandoned Hotel

A Florida Man Is Trying to Book Smash Mouth in an Abandoned Hotel
Here's some Smash Mouth news that's more Shining than Shrek — a Florida man is trying his very hardest to book the post-ska all-stars to perform in an abandoned hotel.

Julio Brouwer is desperate to set up a Smash Mouth show in the dark, terrifying City Inn Hotel — an empty building in the heart of Miami. He's gone so far as to start a Facebook event for the show, which he hopes will take place on July 17, 2017. 

Speaking with the Miami New Times, Brouwer opens up about his sincere love of Smash Mouth. "Ever since a little movie called Mystery Men came out, I was intrigued by this band," he said. "I thought: Is this ska? Turned out it wasn't — apparently it was far from it, but it was apparently not something I could openly like around music elitist friends. So now, as an adult, all that music from the early '00s I was shamed into not being able to enjoy I openly parade my fandom. Its not ironic, more on the campy side of the spectrum."

While the event is surely tongue in cheek, Brouwer has been researching the logistics of the event. "Since the building isn't up to any code or anything, I'm hoping that if, miraculously, all goes according to plan that we can get some waivers," he said. "The main thing a contractor told me was there's a probable asbestos problem with a building like that, but seeing Smash Mouth with facemasks just makes the experience all the more memorable. The logistics need some work, admittedly, but if the city is willing to hear me out, I think we can come to a compromise."

On Twitter, Smash Mouth have already responded to the potential event, though it's hard to tell if they're being sarcastic or simply agreeing to perform:

Either way, we're loving this trend of booking abnormal venues for the finest acts of the early 2000s. Following Limp Bizkit's would-be gas station performance before it, we're only a few Facebook events away from seeing Sugar Ray perform at a landfill.