A Bunch of Drunk Yahoos Basically Ruined Neil Young's Detroit Show

"It seems the yellers are not with me"
A Bunch of Drunk Yahoos Basically Ruined Neil Young's Detroit Show
Nothing quite ruins a concert experience like bad crowd, and this is something Neil Young learned the hard way at his recent Detroit show.

Young played Detroit's Fox Theater back on July 3, and apparently a bunch of concertgoers decided to get their Fourth of July celebrations going a little early. As such, this soon apparently filled the venue with a drunken mass of bodies, who in turn sent the whole thing down an obnoxious downward spiral.

In fact, it was so bad that Young himself penned an entire message on his Neil Young Archives about the Detroit show titled "Rough Night," writing that "it seems the yellers are not with me."

As Brooklyn Vegan points out, here's how one fan described the show:

Neil Young was great last night! I've seen him a bunch over the past 40 years, sometimes with a band, but his solo tours are my favorite. I gotta say though, last night was the most annoying crowd I can remember in the thousands of concerts I've attended. People clapping along completely out of time. All night people yelling songs they wanna hear, like Neil's gonna go "sure, I'll play that right now for ya'". Neil was trying to tell stories in between songs, but people kept yelling shit so he gave up a couple times. I wanted to hear those stories. In the row we were in, we had the first four seats, and the rest of the row was full, all old folks. Well, I'm old too, haha...but anyway...this cool young dude came up and he had the seat next to us four. The usher told the lady in his seat to move, but her and the guy with her said they were their seats. This went on for five minutes or so, then they FINALLY pulled their ticket stubs out and realized they were one seat off. But someone was in one of their seats. But no one would get up and move! Even the woman who was in the wrong seat and knew it, wouldn't get up so this poor guy could sit in HIS seat. The usher finally left to get some kind of help. But never came back. So the poor kid went to find security to kick this stupid broad out of his seat. While he was gone, somehow, finally, they all move down one seat and the OLD ASSHOLE who wasn't supposed to be there went somewhere else. And to top off the night, I had a big dude with a BIG head two rows ahead of me directly blocking my view of Neil when he was playing acoustic guitar, my favorite part of the show. No big deal, I can lean over a little and see him. BUT, this big guy with his BIG FAT HEAD sat there ALL NIGHT and bobbed his head back and forth every five to ten seconds. I wanted to throw my beer at his head. Other than all that, it was a great show! I Am A Child ruled, I love Neil's beautiful acoustic guitar playing. @neilyoung @thefoxtheatredetroit #detroitrockcity

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And here's what Neil Young himself had to say about the "rough night":

Young will play Boston tonight, and here's hoping the crowd isn't full of a bunch of "yellers."