A 79-Year-Old Man Shot His Son for Playing Guitar Too Long

A 79-Year-Old Man Shot His Son for Playing Guitar Too Long
An Ohio man is accused of shooting his adult son, becoming irritated after he would not stop playing the guitar.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Fred Hensley Sr., 79, is charged with felonious assault and domestic violence following the shooting of Fred Hensley Jr., 50, this past Sunday (October 24) in Blue Ash, OH.

According to The Enquirer, Blue Ash Police reported that Hensley Sr. shot Hensley Jr. with a .380 pistol (not the rifle-shaped instrument seen above), intending to strike the guitar, but hitting his son in the stomach.

A police report viewed by Cincinnati's WXIX reads that Hensley Sr. called authorities after the shooting, but then a fight between father and son broke out. Hensley Sr. suffered injuries to his face and mouth area, police said, adding that Hensley Jr. did not remember hitting his father when asked.

WXIX adds that police found the gun, a shell casing, and the guitar with apparent bullet holes during a search of the home.

Hensley Sr. was admitted to hospital ahead of being booked into the Hamilton County Justice Center, where he is being held on $60,000 bond.

Hensley Jr., who currently is not facing any charges, was also taken to hospital for a gunshot wound to his ribcage area.