​Dying Fetus Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal QC, August 8

​Dying Fetus Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal QC, August 8
Photo: Adam Wills
There is something endearing about a band that embraces their own repulsiveness with the enthusiasm that Dying Fetus do. The death metal and grindcore act revel in being aesthetically repellent, and that churning, chugging violence translated exceptionally well last night (August 8).
The crowd responded in kind, keeping the pit a muddy, fake-blood-spattered frenzy for the entirely of the set, batting around balloons and gleefully bashing into each other. Trey Williams' drumming was particularly on point, vicious and unrelenting, pairing up with the wild intensity of their light show perfectly. John Gallagher's vocals continue to defy easy explanation, at once inhumanly guttural and yet somehow articulate; it's possible to parse the horrors he's spewing forth, which definitely makes them worse.
It was a perfect dose of cheerful brutality as night settled in.