​Clairmont The Second Tattoo, Toronto ON, May 2

​Clairmont The Second Tattoo, Toronto ON, May 2
Photo: Kevin Jones
He might not have been old enough to get into Tattoo on a regular night, but at only 17 years old, Clairmont The Second is a Toronto newcomer to watch. He dropped a free album, Project II, late last year, which he entirely wrote and produced in his bedroom, drawing favourable comparisons to Chance The Rapper's 2012 mixtape Acid Rap.
Displaying impressive vocal control and a commanding stage presence, he made the most of his short set, bounding from side to side and obliging the all-ages crowd to bounce up and down. The feel-good songs — which deal with typical daily events in a suburban teenager's life (chasing girls, commuting on public transit, worrying about school, etc.) — are saved from being mundane by Clairmont's strong narration and attention to detail.
While not afraid to sneak in references to the cartoon series Adventure Time and Scooby Doo, it's lines like "How much money will I get from SOCAN?" that are the most telling of the rapper's ambitions.