7 Worlds Collide The Sun Came Out

Initially a series of live shows in New Zealand organised by Crowded House's Neil Finn, 7 Worlds Collide have evolved into an ongoing collaborative project, with all the royalties going to charity. Their second release, The Sun Came Out, brings together what seems like the entire Finn family, members of Wilco and Radiohead, and others, including Johnny Marr, K.T. Tunstall, Lisa Germano and Bic Runga. It's an impressively talented bunch. Recorded in just three weeks, The Sun Came Out doesn't find the right balance between quantity and quality but that was always going to be an issue with an ambitious double album like this. It does help that there are multiple songwriters and some unusual collaborations, such as those with Jeff Tweedy and Johnny Marr, and Ed O'Brien and Liam Finn, which most likely wouldn't have happened under any other circumstances. Plus, it gives the likes of Radiohead drummer Phil Selway the chance to showcase both his songwriting and his voice. Unsurprisingly, the best of the numbers have a Crowded House-like vibe, although Neil Finn isn't an obvious presence on every track. He is, however, the glue that holds the entire project together, and that is why the album is the success it is. (Sony)