7 Days of Funk "I'll Be There 4U" (video)

7 Days of Funk 'I'll Be There 4U' (video)
As the title of Snoop Dogg and Dâm-Funk's 7 Days of Funk project alludes, these guys are giving us grooves 24/7. Fittingly, the latest single off their self-titled debut, "I'll Be There 4U," promises the ladies that they're there for all that and so much more.

Following a quick interview clip, the video jumps into smoothed-out g-funk mode, with Snoopzilla pledging his allegiance to a group of glittered-up girls in a stairwell. You need some company? For that matter, you need some "fire weed?" Well, the big Snoopy-D has got you covered.

The video also features a woman spending her night smoking Snoop Dogg brand e-cigars, practicing her Bootsy Collins impersonations and generally just having a ball watching the nu-funk pair on TV. It's a kind of hanging out, we suppose.

You can peep it all go down below.