​5 Ways the Shure MV7 Microphone Will Bring Studio-Level Recordings into Your Home

​5 Ways the Shure MV7 Microphone Will Bring Studio-Level Recordings into Your Home
As the internet makes it easier and easier to do everything at home, most of us find ourselves being as creative as ever. But until recently, the desire to turn our bedrooms, basements and home offices into full-fledged recording studios has meant shelling out big bucks or settling for less. Thanks to Shure, that's no longer the case.

The veteran audio electronics manufacturer recently unveiled the MV7 — a high-end, studio-quality USB mic with a decidedly non high-end price tag. It's the sort of thing that will make it even easier to finally finish that creative project you've been putting off for the last few months.

Available in black or silver, the microphone will give you the professional edge on your recording products — even if you're making them in your bedroom, surrounded by days-old cups.

Here are five reasons the Shure MV7 is a must-have for any amateur recorder looking for that professional leg up.

It's based on a radio broadcasting mic
The MV7 is modelled after a higher end product — the industry standard SM7b, which you're likely to find in any radio station or professional podcast suite. Of course, the SM7b requires a recording interface and a digital pre-amp to get started, meaning you'd have to amass a great deal of equipment to get it rolling. The MV7 is a simplified version of that mic, delivering the best of both worlds as it offers professional quality in a self-contained package.

You can plug it straight in and use it immediately
Rather than require pre-amps, interfaces and other complicated gear, the MV7 will allow you to simply plug your mic into your device and get rolling. The mic is fashioned with a standard XLR mic plug plus a USB connector, meaning you can simply plug it right into your computer or chain it into a standard audio rig using the XLR. In other words, you can record on the move by hooking it up to a laptop or simply get crystal clear audio at home.

You'll be able to block out your roommates and pets
Most USB mics are some form of condenser microphone, meaning they use a large diaphragm to get a clear recording. Condenser mics are great at what they do, but part of what they do is pick up background noises and rumbles. The MV7 is a dynamic microphone, meaning it eliminates that problem with voice isolation technology, focussing in on the voice it's recording. In other words, your podcasts and voice records and home recordings will no longer pick up whiny pets, noisy spouses or inconsiderate roommates.

You can use it to record anything
The dynamic microphone also means you'll be able to add a professional edge to your recordings with ease, whether it's a vocal track for a song, a voiceover for a live-stream or the pilot episode of your quirky new podcast. Further, while it is a plug-and-play device, the mic comes with the MOTIV app, which allows users to make hyper-specific tweaks and adjustments to their recordings. That's along with the touch panel control, which allows even faster adjustments on the fly.

You'll sound the best on video calls
Becoming the next great home recording maestro is on plenty of people's bucket lists, but chances are you've still got a day job. In the age of social distancing, however, a good mic is a strong utility regardless. There's nothing better than showing up to a hectic work meeting with smooth, crystal-clear audio while the rest of the company is scrambling to figure out why their mic is feeding back, picking up their computer audio or completely muffled.

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