45 Dip The Acid Lounge

On seeing a title like Acid Lounge, it's understandable if a cautious wariness sets in, given the copious genres dreamed up by groups to describe their brand of music. And while the members of 45 Dip were once in the acid jazz group Marden Hill, they avoid self-conscious musical math by dabbling in a bit of everything. Flashes of techno and big beat work their way onto the project, although each influence is shrouded by the cool atmospherics and unhurried air that this disc carries. While this approach doesn't always work, and a couple of tracks just seem too campy and cheesy, there's more than enough interesting material to keep the attention. Album bookends "Lizzie's Balloon" and "Smoke In The Cockpit" explore their acid jazz origins while "Beer Star" and "Bug Juice" are steps into light funk and reverential house. Employing reputed session musicians and vocalists such as Liz Fletcher, of Loop Guru, and Smith & Mighty collaborator Alice Perera to flesh out their vision, 45 Dip have created a worthy accompaniment for those low-key moods. (Platform)