33 1/3 Books Set to Explore Koji Kondo, Sleater-Kinney, New Kids on the Block, Metallica

33 1/3 Books Set to Explore Koji Kondo, Sleater-Kinney, New Kids on the Block, Metallica
In-depth music criticism book series 33 1/3 still has a number of previously announced titles to deliver over the next year, but the publishers have now announced an additional set of volumes covering albums by Sleater-Kinney, New Kids on the Block, Metallica and more all the way into 2016.

A post from 33 1/3 confirms that publishers Bloomsbury have got another 14 titles on their radar. These were selected from a pool of over 400 submissions earlier this year, and while official due dates have not yet been delivered, the company broke down the releases via a seasonal schedule.

Due in May 2015 will be an analysis of videogame composer Koji Kondo's Super Mario Bros. work. Andrew Shartmann's book promises to explore "the various external factors (e.g., advances in technology, Nintendo's marketing tactics) that coalesced into a ripe environment in which Kondo's musical experiments could thrive."

Summer 2015 will feature a look at Grateful Dead's Workingman's Dead album by Puzz Poole, the lo-fi self-titled debut from Olympia indie act Beat Happening by Bryan C. Parker, Metallica's self-titled mainstream metal game-changer (a.k.a. The Black Album) by David Masciotra, and jam band Phish's A Live One by Walter Holland.

The spring 2016 schedule includes volumes on jazz great MIles Davis's Bitches Brew by George Grella, Houston gangsta rap innovators the Geto Boys' self-titled LP by Rolf Potts, Jesus and Mary Chain's iconic Psychocandy by Paul Meija, lo-fi hero Daniel Johnston's landmark Hi, How Are You by Benjamin Shapiro, and Sleater-Kinney's 1997 breakthrough effort Dig Me Out, as explored by Jovana Babovic.

Finally, the summer 2016 should deliver critical looks at late '80s boy band New Kids on the Block's Hangin' Tough from Rebecca Wallwork, soul singer Donny Hathaway's Donny Hathaway Live by Emily Lordi, the Raincoats' self-titled debut by Jenn Pelly, and Blondie's Parallel Lines by Kembrew McLeod.

You'll find more info on the authors and their respective titles over here.

As for more immediate volumes from 33 1/3, Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is the next title to be released, with author Kirk Walker Graves' in-depth look at the hip-hop LP arriving June 5. Other volumes arriving in the near future analyze Sigur Ros' (), Devo's Freedom of Choice, Michael Jackson's Dangerous and more. You'll find the release schedule details over here