2012, Pirate Radio and Antichrist Lead the Way in Exclaim!'s Film Review Round-Up

<i>2012</i>, <i>Pirate Radio</i> and <i>Antichrist</i> Lead the Way in Exclaim!'s Film Review Round-Up
It can be imposing when every Friday, the marquee looms large above you with too many movie titles to choose from. That why we here at Exclaim! have put together a Recently Reviewed section where we have conveniently separated the cinematic wheat from the chaff.

Director Roland Emmerich's apocalyptic 2012 falls into the latter category, as its tremendous special effects are bogged down too heavily by the film's general predictability and bad writing. Also falling a tad flat this weekend is Pirate Radio, a story about the '60s music scene and cutting-edge radio that garners few laughs despite it being labelled a comedy.

The schmaltzy Love & Savagery will also hit theatres this weekend, as will sequel The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, which again features director Troy Duffy framing his film with religious iconography and the unnerving sense that he believes killing to be cool. Equally unnerving is director Lars Von Trier's latest film, Antichrist, which is as gory and apparently critical of the female gender as it is cinematically impressive.

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