2010's Top 10 Box Office Bombs

2010's Top 10 Box Office Bombs
7. Extraordinary Measures

It seems that the market is no longer receptive to saccharine underdog stories of struggling families held together by heart and a healthy portion of cheddar. No amount of precocious sick kids or sassy one-liners from Harrison Ford could save this dud from falling $18 million short of its cost.

6. The Warrior's Way

What do you get when you stick Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush and Dong-gun Jang in a movie about a warrior assassin in the American Badlands? You get a steaming pile of box office drudgery with crappy action and an incoherent storyline that only makes $8 million of its $42 million cost at the box office.

5. Micmacs

We guess Jean-Pierre Jeunet's trademark minutia montage and close-up zoom quirkiness didn't pay off with this tale of an injured man that takes refuge with an idiosyncratic family of junkyard oddballs. Micmacs only made back just under $12 million of its $42 million budget, globally.

4. Agora

Alejandro Amenabar's sword and sandal epic about Christians and Pagans battling it out for terrifyingly asinine reasons in 4th century CE Egypt was actually quite impressive and brave as far as films tackling the subject of blind allegiance go. But unfortunately, no one cared and the film only made back $39 million of its $70 million budget. More significantly, only $618,000 of that $39 million was earned domestically.