10 Weirdest Things the White Stripes Ever Did

10 Weirdest Things the White Stripes Ever Did
7. Releasing singles on Triple Inchophone, a three-inch vinyl format

Jack White has an obsession with the number three, even going so far as to sign his name "Jack White III," despite being born John Gillis. That's probably what inspired him to release the Triple Inchophone, an ultra-limited-edition record player that only played three-inch records. He then remixed and reissued a number of White Stripes singles especially for three-inch vinyl. One single, "Top Special," was only ever made available in this format.

6. Their ultra-dapper roadies

We're used to seeing grizzly old dudes with greasy hair and pit stains getting on stage to check the microphones and tune the guitars. The White Stripes, however, recruited a team of well-dressed gentlemen, all of whom wore suits and hats. It set a classy vibe for the shows, as they all looked a bit like they wandered off of Wall Street circa 1928.

You can see one of the roadies sitting beside Jack in the video below:

5. Playing every province and territory in Canada, including a one-note show in Newfoundland

We were thrilled when the White Stripes announced that they would be playing a show in every province and territory in Canada on their 2007 tour. But let's be honest -- it was kind of an unusual idea. We mean, playing a show in Iqaluit and having a jam session with the Inuit elders? It was amazing, and totally unlike anything we've ever seen. And then there was that show in St. John's, NL, which was only one-note long, and left the crowd chanting "One more note! One more note!" (The White Stripes did not oblige.)

4. Only wearing red, white and black their entire career

We were sure that this peppermint-coloured gimmick wouldn't last. As soon as we first saw Jack and Meg in their red, white and black get-ups, we were already waiting for them to break away from the colour scheme. Like Kiss going without face paint, we were sure the White Stripes were going to record a blue album before long. We were wrong.