The 'Uncharted' Movie Has Been Postponed Indefinitely

The 'Uncharted' Movie Has Been Postponed Indefinitely
Playstation's long-running series Uncharted may have had another hit in the videogame world this year, but don't expect them to leap to the big screen any time soon. A film adaptation has now been pulled from next year's release schedule.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, Uncharted was expected to make it's motion picture debut on June 30, 2017. Now, that release date has been pulled.

While Sony hasn't explicitly said anything about pulling the picture, it's most likely due to the fact that the film doesn't have a director yet.

The film previously had names like David O. Russell and Seth Gordon tapped to sit in its director's chair, but both of them eventually passed. The Grey director Joe Carnahan was later set to write and direct the feature, but he's now busy helming Bad Boys 3 for Sony.

Perhaps we'll get an Uncharted movie one day, but it'll likely take a little while.