Street Fighter V PS4, PC, Mac

Street Fighter V PS4, PC, Mac
Fighting games are for purists, which is why they tend to refine mechanics rather than add extras. Street Fighter V takes this approach a bit too far.

The fifth edition, the first in eight years, is certainly the best looking yet. The developers aimed for a stylized, "moving painting" aesthetic that builds on the original cartoony design and makes the controversial female character design arguably more absurdist than offensive (though your R. Mika mileage may vary).

They did add four newbies to the 16-fighter roster and tweaks like the V-Gauge replacing Focus Modes to give each character various special attacks, but the basic song has remained the same since the franchise's '90s arcade heyday.

It's still a 2D side fighter with familiar fundamentals and iconic faves like Ryu and Chun Li where casual players button-mash their way to victory and experienced ones employ intricate strategies required to conquer their similarly skilled opponents.

Thing is, this one wasn't made for casual players — at least not yet.

Allegedly released before it was finished to get it into competition player hands, the eSports-focused developers have promised free future inclusions of an actual "cinematic" story and arcade and challenge modes to appeal to single-player fans, meaning it's one-on-one online and local, with a barely-there character story section and a single-round survival mode. In other words, it's for serious fighter enthusiasts who want to train.

If you're not one, note that the other modes and features will be added in the coming months without additional costs. (Capcom / Dimps)