'South Park' Creator Trey Parker: "We Made Fun of 'Pokémon Go' in 1999!"

'South Park' Creator Trey Parker: 'We Made Fun of 'Pokémon Go' in 1999!'
South Park may have humbly declared that The Simpsons already did everything, but the long-running Comedy Central cartoon has had a solid legacy of its own. As it turns out, the Colorado-set show even managed to predict the rise of the addictive augmented reality game Pokémon Go.

In an interview with Vulture, the show's co-creator Trey Parker explained that they made fun of the game's privacy-busting nature nearly two decades ago.

"Everyone's talking about Pokémon Go," Parker said. "And it's like, we did Pokémon in literally 1999 and the whole idea was that it was a bummer because kids were getting into Pokémon and there was a computer chip in there that was tracking them and sending all the information to Japan. We made fun of Pokémon Go in 1999!"

Parker is, of course, referring to the Chinpokomon episode of the show that took place way back in its third season.

Who knows what pop cultural artifacts the show will predict in its forthcoming 20th season. The show returns on September 14. Watch a trailer celebrating the show's legacy below.