Satanic 'Doom' Soundtrack Has Some Hidden Christian Messages Too

Satanic 'Doom' Soundtrack Has Some Hidden Christian Messages Too
It's been nearly a year since the return of the wildly popular '90s shooter Doom, but the videogame's soundtrack continues to offer new surprises and twists. We already reported that the game hid a secret 666 message, but the latest Easter egg really lives up to the Easter part with a pro-Christian message.

While referencing the backmasking Satanism of '70s and '80s metal records, Doom's secret recording is decidedly Christian. Soundtrack maestro Mick Gordon hid the phrase "Jesus loves you" in a stereo drone track. 

Listen to the isolated backmask below. You'll hear it as it's presented in the game, then in reverse.

As PC Gamer explains, Gordon recently discussed his soundtrack at a GDC talk. Speaking on the "Jesus loves you" message, he said he was disappointed that it hadn't been discovered. "Do you know how many news websites wrote about that one? Friggin' none!"

Further, he said that one year out from the game's release there's still an Easter egg that's yet to be discussed. He hid five goodies in the game's soundtrack, and only four have been discovered.