Rockstar Games Calls BBC 'Grand Theft Auto' Movie "Random, Made Up Bollocks"

Rockstar Games Calls BBC 'Grand Theft Auto' Movie 'Random, Made Up Bollocks'
Last night, the BBC aired its Grand Theft Auto-themed film The Gamechangers. While it's received fairly decent reviews, it did find some tough critics in the game's manufacturer Rockstar Games, who offered up a pair of frustrated tweets.

"This new Rentaghost isn't as good as I remember," the company tweeted, likening the movie to the '70s and '80s cult program about a ghost that can be rented out for various tasks.

They also asked why the network didn't cast anthropomorphic fox puppet Basil Bush, adding, "What exactly is this random, made up bollocks?"
The Gamechangers stars Daniel Radcliffe as Rockstar Games' co-founder Sam Houser. He faces off against activist Jack Thompson (Bill Paxton), who thinks the Grand Theft Auto games are immoral. It was directed by Owen Harris (best known for Misfits).

Rockstar Games filed a lawsuit against the BBC earlier this year, though they were unable to prevent the company from airing The Gamechangers. Watch a brief trailer for the film below.