Nintendo to Release Animated Films

Nintendo to Release Animated Films
While they've long drawn the ire of both videogame and movie fans alike, it looks like studios aren't slowing down on videogame movies. This year sees the release of The Angry Birds Movie and Warcraft, among others. Now, it looks like even Nintendo is planning to get in on the action.

Japanese gamer Kyle McLain translated an interview between Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima and Asahi Shimbun, and the article reportedly confirmed that the gaming giant will produce its own animated features.

While they didn't specify which Nintendo properties will leap to the big screen, one can only hope that they'll redeem the Super Mario Bros. franchise from its reviled 1993 bigscreen adaptation.

According to the interview, Nintendo is working to insure that it can finance and produce the movies as independently as possible. Further, the first Nintendo animated feature is expected to arrive in the next two to three years.

Read the relevant tweets about Nintendo's next major project below [via Screen Rant].