Kanye West to Release "Only One" Videogame

Kanye West to Release 'Only One' Videogame
While Kanye West's 2015 New Year's drop "Only One" didn't make The Life of Pablo tracklist in the end, the song seems to have inspired a forthcoming videogame from the hip-hop icon.

After playing through his new album, West treated the Madison Square Garden crowd and stream watchers around the world to a sneak peek at "Only One: The Game." The trailer shows his late mother Donda West racing through the clouds on a white winged horse, flying skyward while a choral version of West's song plays in the background.

While not revealing any more details on the game itself, West said he had pitched the idea of a game in which his mother goes to heaven to developers in San Francisco, who then rejected his proposal. "This shit ain't easy," he told the crowd. "I went to San Fran and said 'I want to make a game' and they were like 'fuck you.' This shit is hard."

Watch fan-shot footage of the game teaser below.