Disasterpeace's 'Fez' Videogame Soundtrack Gets Vinyl Release

Disasterpeace's 'Fez' Videogame Soundtrack Gets Vinyl Release
Though he's best known for his work soundtracking It Follows, electronic artist Disasterpeace (born Rich Vreeland) has a long history of scoring videogames. His most popular videogame score arrived in 2012 for the game Fez. Now, all these years later, it's finally being treated to a vinyl release.

The game soundtrack has been pressed to two clear gold LPs and comes housed in a fancy gatefold sleeve that's been embossed with gold foil.

It just so happens that the Fez soundtrack was the thing that caught It Follows director David Robert Mitchell's attention. In an interview earlier this year, Vreeland said, "David played the game Fez, which I scored back in 2012. He loved the style that I portrayed in that game and we tried to take some of the ingredients from that music and graft it onto something a bit dirtier and more horrific."

Fez is available on vinyl now through Polytron. The album can also be streamed in full below.

Fez OST:

1. Adventure
2. Puzzle
3. Beyond
4. Progress
5. Beacon
6. Flow
7. Formations
8. Legend
9. Compass
10. Forgotten
11. Sync
12. Glitch
13. Fear
14. Spirit
15. Nature
16. Knowledge
17. Death
18. Memory
19. Pressure
20. Nocture
21. Age
22. Majesty
23. Continuum
24. Home
25. Reflection
26. Love