Brett Ratner Is Producing a Tetris Movie

Brett Ratner Is Producing a Tetris Movie
Brett Ratner has spent his career directing relentless, high-octane action movies. But the question remains — how well can he handle extremely boring stories?

We'll soon find out, as Ratner and his producing partner James Packer are reportedly piecing together a film about Tetris with their RatPac Entertainment company. So far, Ratner is just on board as producer for the film about the life of Alexey Pajitnov, the game's inventor.

It also likely won't be too boring — it's not just a man drawing shapes and scanning them into a computer. Instead, the Tetris movie will follow a legal rights battle along the lines of The Social Network. In real life, Pajitnov didn't receive any payment for his creation until 1996 — more than 12 years after its creation.

Stay tuned for more information on the Tetris movie as it becomes available. Here's hoping Ratner enlists Chris Tucker to play the role of a wise-cracking yet elusive four-square long piece.

Thanks to Tracking Board for the tip.