You Can Finally Watch the GarfieldEATS Show 'Love Me, Feed Me, Don't Leave Me'

You Can Finally Watch the GarfieldEATS Show 'Love Me, Feed Me, Don't Leave Me'
Maybe it was a little too ahead of its time. Or maybe it was just another casualty of this damn pandemic. Or maybe, just maybe, they overestimated Toronto's appetite for Garfuccinos. Whatever the case, tragedy hit the culinary scene of Canada writ large late last year when the beloved GarfieldEATS pizza restaurant was shuttered. Despite the loss, we can remember what was with a new 18-minute TV show.

Before tragedy struck, the restaurant's fearless leader Nathen Mazri told Exclaim! that he was working on a web series about his restaurant that was inspired by the streaming service Quibi (2020 really does feel like a million years ago).

Since it's probably not a good idea to model anything after Quibi, the show Love Me, Feed Me, Don't Leave Me with Nathen Mazri now exists as one standalone 18-minute episode. According to Howard Duff Gordon, who produced, directed, edited and shot the piece, it's more of a "guerrilla reality show/experimental art project."

It really feels like a reality show from an alternate universe as we watch Nathen slurp Garfuccinos (and once again praise their all-natural ingredients), hold his staff to incredibly high standards in their Garfield-inspired storefront and deliver his many ingenious business maxims.

Dig into the new GarfieldEATS show below and revisit Exclaim!'s interview with Nathen Mazri.