Why Does Garfield Hate Mondays?

Fans are vigorously debating the motives of their favourite unemployed feline
Why Does Garfield Hate Mondays?
Jim Davis has built a vast and complex universe surrounding a grumpy orange cat, but like all enormous texts his work has been left open to interpretation. The canon of their comic strip bible is splitting Garfield fans as they debate each and every aspect of the cat and his friends. For example, why does the cat hate Mondays so much?

Following a fight about whether or not Jon Arbuckle actually drank dog semen (a debate that required an intervention from Davis himself), fans have moved on to question the very foundation of the cat's character. 

The cat has famously hated on the first day of the work week for as long as history can remember, and his take has been profitable, having been printed on merchandise items like mugs and oversized nighties for decades. But what's his motive?

The rigorous debate was started by Twitter user @JamColley, who tried to suggest that Garfield's hatred of the week's first work day comes from a place of love:

Unfortunately, JamColley's admittedly sentimental statements were immediately shot down by the fact that Jon works from home:

Still insisting on interpreting the strip with rose-coloured glasses, JamColley attempted to save his argument:

Unfortunately, Davis foresaw this potential interpretation and made it clear that Jon's door was always open to his feline companion:

Thus, we are left worse off than we began, with even less understanding for why the unemployed and chronically lazy Garfield detests Mondays so much. Perhaps, like all sentient beings, he's just a living, breathing contradiction whose own free will results in these beautiful yet paradoxical emotions.

(Thanks to A.V. Club for the tip.)