What's Streaming on Netflix Canada in October

What's Streaming on Netflix Canada in October
As the weather turns colder and the sun starts to go down a little earlier each day, there's no need to feel guilty for spending all of your time on the couch watching movies and TV shows. (Hell, half of us did that all summer anyway.) Streaming stuff is one of the only comforts during these dark, cold times, and we've got you covered with a guide to what's entering and what's leaving Netflix Canada in October.

First things first, the following movies are leaving Netflix on October 1: The Mask, Blow, Rumor Has It..., A Cinderella Story, The Goonies, Dumb and Dumber, Top Gun and Training Day. If you insist on streaming these, you're going to have the weirdest possible movie marathon over the next two nights. Otherwise you could probably buy all of these titles for cheap at a local garage sale.

As for the Netflix exclusives, there's plenty to dig into this month. Most notably, Cary Fukunaga's highly anticipated, critically acclaimed new film Beasts of No Nation will arrive on October 16. Watch a trailer for the film below.

The Netflix exclusive documentary Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom will arrive on October 9.

Being that Halloween is right around the corner, are a pair of horror-themed series hitting the service. Season one of the new Netflix original Scream series hits on October 1. In a similar thematic vein, the third season of Hemlock Grove will arrive on October 23.

There are also two Netflix comedy specials on the horizon. Anjelah Johnson's Not Fancy will hit on October 2 and Anthony Jeselnik's Thoughts and Prayers lands on October 16.

As for the non-exclusives, there's plenty hitting the streaming service this month including two of the last year's most critically acclaimed films. The sex-themed horror masterpiece It Follows and the futuristic sci-fi Ex-Machina will both hit the service on October 19.

Other titles hitting Netflix include Manson Family Vacation (October 27), Free Willy (October 1), Gravity (October 11), Captain Phillips (October 21), This Is the End (October 1), White House Down (October 1) and Elysium (October 1), among others.