What's Streaming on Netflix Canada in February

What's Streaming on Netflix Canada in February
This week, streaming services are on a shopping spree at the Sundance Film Festival. Netflix, for example, has picked up three films already, and will likely grab more before the fest is finished this weekend. There's no denying that the service will continue to offer a wide range of robust programming. Before we get to stream their Sundance purchases (which include The Fundamentals of CaringTallulah and Under the Shadow), they've already got lots to scroll through this February.

Arguably the best bet this month is the debut of Judd Apatow, Paul Rust and Lesley Arfin's new series Love, which hits the service on February 19. The show stars Rust alongside Gillian Jacobs, and based on its trailer it looks like another Apatow hit about young people in, well, love.

On the opposite end of the taste spectrum, Netflix's other big debut in February will be Fuller House, the cynical return of America's best-worst sitcom. The comeback does not include the Olsen twins, unfortunately, but we will get to hang out with Kimmy Gibler again when it hits on February 26.

Netflix also has an original cooking show called Cooked (February 26) and the release of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (February 26). On top of all that, there are new comedy specials from Hannibal Buress (February 5) and Theo Von (February 26).

For more binge-watching, Netflix will deliver the first season of Better Call Saul as well as BBC's The Story of Maths series on February 1. It's so cute how British people refer to "math" as "maths."

Since Valentine's Day lands in mid-February, there are a great deal of romantic movies both good and bad. The fantastic trans thriller Tangerine, all of which was shot on an iPhone, hits the service on February 8, while Adam Pally's indie fav Slow Learners lands on February 13. Other rom coms include An Affair to Remember (February 1), Valentine's Day (February 1), Couples Retreat (February 10), Winter's Tale (February 20) and About Last Night (February 20). 

Of course, few people can lead a romantic movie quite like Drew Barrymore, and two of her classics will also be available for streaming. Both Ever After and Never Been Kissed will hit Netflix on February 1.

Other films hitting Netflix this month include The Lego Movie (February 1), Machete Kills (February 1), Maggie (February 1), Tiger House (February 1), Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno Live! (February 1), Best of Enemies (February 1), The Island (February 1), Tron: Legacy (February 1), Unbreakable (February 1), 300: Rise of an Empire (February 3), Testament of Youth (February 4) and The Monuments Men (February 20).

You've also only got a few days to watch Coyote UglyD2: The Mighty DucksHoney, I Shrunk the KidsIn TimeNacho LibreThe Dukes of Hazzard and We're the Millers, all of which leave the service on February 1. Michael Bay's secret classic Pain & Gain will leave on February 7, and Dennis Villeneuve's Prisoners is getting pulled on February 10.