Let's Discuss the Sexual Espionage Tactic of "Honey Trapping" as Shown in 'Red Sparrow'

Watch a one-minute primer video before you see 'Red Sparrow,' starring Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Egerton
Let's Discuss the Sexual Espionage Tactic of 'Honey Trapping' as Shown in 'Red Sparrow'

The new Jennifer Lawrence thriller Red Sparrow explores the practice of "honey trapping" — when special operatives compromise enemy targets through sexual manipulation. Believe it or not, this espionage tactic reportedly still takes place between Russia and the U.S.A., as described in the 2013 novel Red Sparrow from former CIA operative Jason Matthews.

That book has now been turned into a film by director Francis Lawrence. It features an an all-star cast that includes Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Egerton and Jeremy Irons. Before you check out Red Sparrow (in theatres March 1), click below to watch a one-minute video and learn all about the nefarious practice of honey trapping.