​Watch the 'Big Brother Germany' Housemates Learn About Coronavirus on Live TV

​Watch the 'Big Brother Germany' Housemates Learn About Coronavirus on Live TV
Big Brother has spawned international remakes all over the world, which are now grappling with how to tell the removed-from-the-outside-world contestants about the COVID-19 pandemic. Australia and Canada already told participants, while Germany opted to reveal the news in a special live episode last night (March 17).
German host Jochen Schropp explained what was happening with a doctor at his side, and contestants were sent videos from home to assure them that their friends and families were okay. And despite the ethical qualms with producers withholding such information, the results definitely make for riveting reality television.
Schropp informed the contestants about the pandemic, sharing news segments and footage of deserted streets in Italy and Germany.
Most watched in stunned silence, while a few burst into tears. One contestant, Michele, explained that she was a geriatric nurse and was particularly worried about her patients.
The Big Brother Germany housemates have been isolated in set houses since February 6, when the coronavirus was contained mainly within China.
New housemates entered the show on March 9, before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic and were given strict orders not to tell their housemates any news from the outside world.
Germany now has more than 8,000 reported cases and has closed multiple international borders.
None of the competitors has expressed wishes to leave the show, though many viewers have pointed out that the stakes are higher now since weekly evictions now mean sending the voted-out person into a pandemic.
Watch the episode in German below.

Big Brother previously broke the isolation rules in 2001 to inform American contestants of the events of 9/11.