Viva La Bam: The Complete 2nd and 3rd Seasons

Every parent's worst nightmare is back, as Jackass alumni Bam Margera returns for two more instalments of his childish yet brilliantly entertaining series of practical joking. Combining the latest two eight-episode seasons into one complete package, this collection is the greatest lesson in how to irritate parents and humiliate friends, while featuring guest appearances by Tony Hawk, Johnny Knoxville and Sean Penn and his son. Seasons two and three differ little from the first season, besides a change in scenery —the Margera family moves into Bam's dream home: a castle complete with a half-pipe in his bedroom and a super-cool pirate bar. Highlights of the second season include a backyard performance by Slayer, "Fat Boy Face Off," Ryan Dunn being forced to drive to Mardi Gras on a moped, and the constant bullying of Rake Yohn — they throw a cluster of aggravated crabs into his bed while he's sleeping. Season three presents the great prank war between Knoxville and Bam, resulting in both sadistic and ingenious examples of revenge, a Civil War re-enactment that goes to extreme lengths for authenticity, a trip to the Playboy mansion, and the continuous destruction of Vito's automobiles (four by the series' end). Unfortunately there is no "uncommontary" this time, but there are a ton of precious deleted scenes that reveal quite a bit about the disharmony behind the scenes. Some of the priceless ones include hearing the messages from Johnny Knoxville's cell phone (after Bam publicly posts his digits), plus more unaired portions of the prank war; the naked truth behind the prank war, the destruction of Dunn's $400 phone, and the real reason why they give Dunn a swirly in the Mall of America. An additional series of "Random-Ass Moments" includes montages of Rake being tortured and Vito's incomprehensible blathering, which even subtitles can't make sense of. There is no rest when you're in the company of Bam's crew and this DVD provides the hilarious proof. Plus: featurette, photo gallery, music videos. (MTV/Paramount)