Tom Hardy Chased Down and Detained Moped Thief in Real-Life Action Sequence

"I've caught the cunt"
Tom Hardy Chased Down and Detained Moped Thief in Real-Life Action Sequence
Hunky action star Tom Hardy's onscreen heroics were put to test in real life on the streets of London over the weekend. According to reports, he helped stop a pair of young, on-the-run moped thieves.
On Sunday (April 23), Hardy reportedly witnessed two teenagers stealing a moped and crashing it into a Mercedes at a busy intersection in the UK's capital city. One of the thieves was detained by a police officer within seconds, but when his crony made a run for it, Hardy channelled his inner Mad Max and chased him down.
Like a scene straight out of an action movie, Hardy apparently went hopping over fences and through construction sites to catch the culprit. Upon detaining the suspect, Hardy apparently proudly declared: "I've caught the cunt."
"It was mental — like he'd switched to superhero mode in an action movie," a witness named Arun Pullen told The Sun. "Two boys on the [stolen] moped had jumped a red light and smashed into a car. Tom must have been walking down the road. He went off like a shot in pursuit and looked furious."
Pullen added, "I asked Tom what happened and he told me he chased him through my back garden and caught him around the block — but the route was like an assault course."
A spokesman for the Richmond police confirmed the exhilarating chain of events.

"We can confirm that there were two people on a stolen moped that went through a red light and crashed into another vehicle," he stated. "The males ran off and one was detained by Tom Hardy."
Both suspects were taken to hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries; according to the BBC, they've been arrested on suspicion of an array of offences, including taking a vehicle without consent and theft of a motor vehicle.
Hardy, meanwhile, is gearing up for some equally exciting roles in projects like Dunkirk and Mad Max: The Wasteland.