'This Is Us' Fans Are So Mad at Crock-Pots After Last Night's Episode

'This Is Us' Fans Are So Mad at Crock-Pots After Last Night's Episode
This Is Us has been riding high since nabbing the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series (not to mention Sterling K. Brown's individual honour for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series), but the show took a slightly sinister turn last night (January 24) thanks to a Crock-Pot — and fans are pissed.
Viewers finally gained some insight into Jack's long-teased death during last night's episode, when — spoiler alert — Milo Ventimiglia's beloved character inadvertently set the Pearson's house ablaze after cleaning up the family's Super Bowl festivities and placing a dish cloth next to a faulty Crock-Pot.
Fans of the show have been quick to point to the real culprit here — the slow cooker itself. Not the elderly couple who gifted the broken appliance to Jack and his wife (okay, well, some people are pretty heated at George), but certainly not Jack who didn't fiddle with the power switch in quite the right way.
Many have taken to Twitter to voice their outrage at the Crock-Pot brand, and it's getting pretty hilarious. See some of the vicious Crock-Pot hate from Twitter below.

To his credit, show creator Dan Fogelman has tried to stop the backlash, pointing out that "it was a 20 year old fictional crockpot with an already funky switch," but we have a feeling the damage has already been done.
The next episode of This Is Us airs after the Super Bowl on February 4. And for the love of God (and Jack), please be sure to unplug your Crock-Pot after cooking up the traditional batch of chili. Or at least replace the batteries in your smoke alarms.