There's Already a Horror Movie About the Coronavirus Somehow

There's Already a Horror Movie About the Coronavirus Somehow
When this whole coronavirus thing is all said and done, it's obviously going to be the dominant narrative thread for years to come. We can undoubtedly expect a dry, 12-part docuseries, movies from people like Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg, and maybe, if we're lucky, some actual good content too. It may not be the best of the bunch, but the new movie Corona Zombies is certainly the first.

As the Guardian points out, the movie was released on Friday (April 10) and, by the publication's account, it's not worth watching. But that doesn't change the fact that it's the first movie about the virus.

The movie is only an hour long, but you can watch it if you sign up for the Full Moon Features streaming service. 

Corona Zombies stars Cody Renee Cameron (who also appeared in the Breaking Bad spinoff El Camino) and features all of the topical benchmarks of coronavirus content, including toilet paper, bats and social distancing.

Who cares if it's good or not. If modern life is one big comments section, Corona Zombies is the comment that says "first" — it's not creative, it's not funny and it's kind of annoying. But it is first.