​There's a 'Her Smell' Merch Store Now

Featuring band shirts and patches from the fictional band in Alex Ross Perry's film
​There's a 'Her Smell' Merch Store Now
Alex Ross Perry's "five-act Shakesperean punk tragedy" Her Smell is currently circulating cinemas, and the fictional bands at the centre of the film have been treated to their very own merch store.
Included in the e-shop are T-shirts sporting logos for Something She and the Akergirls, a Paragon Records 20th anniversary shirt, Something She pins, a limited-edition mixtape and vinyl soundtrack, and a promotional enamel pin for the film itself.
Check out the full shop here.
As previously reported, Her Smell stars Elisabeth Moss as rock'n'roll frontwoman Becky Something, the lead singer of Something She — a character Ross insists is not based solely on Courtney Love.
"There's so many bands and so many women and so many albums that I was such a fan of and that I was inspired by," he told Exclaim! earlier this year. "There are so many women. She's one of them. She's probably the biggest. And definitely the most successful. She's definitely the most exciting and the most narratively interesting. But really it's not the story that I was wanting to tell."