The Prodigy to Tell Their "Chaotic and Troubled Journey" in New Documentary

The Prodigy to Tell Their 'Chaotic and Troubled Journey' in New Documentary
Photo: Rick Clifford
The Prodigy stand as one of the most storied electronic groups ever, so it makes complete sense that they will now get their story told via a new documentary.

The announcement comes nearly two years after the passing of the group's Keith Flint, and the official doc will be helmed by longtime Prodigy visual collaborator Paul Dugdale.

"We are making a band documentary film," surviving members Liam Howlett and Maxim said in a joint statement. "After the devastating passing of our brother Keef in 2019, the time feels right for us to tell the story of our band, all of it.

"It's a story of the chaotic and troubled journey of our gang, our band, the people's band — the Prodigy. Or simply — a story of brothers on a mission to make noise, to ignite the people's souls and blow up sound systems worldwide."

The pair went on to say the film would be "uncompromising, raw and honest," adding: "This one's for Keef!"

While the film has yet to get a title or release date, it will be produced by Pulse Films.

"The film will be as wild as the band," Dugdale said. "Dark at times, strong changes of pace, it will be a visual assault too, stylistically striking, contemporary and challenging. We want the viewers to leave the cinema like they've just stepped off a roller-coaster."