​The Kids from 'Stranger Things' Have Been Turned Into Action Figures

​The Kids from 'Stranger Things' Have Been Turned Into Action Figures
There's still a few months to go before Stranger Things returns for its highly anticipated second season, but the waiting game just a got a bit more fun thanks to some new action figures.
That's right, the kids from Stranger Things (Eleven, Lucas, Mike, Will and Dustin), plus the Demagorgon, have been treated to their very own toys courtesy of Funko.
The pop culture-themed toymakers have unveiled a pair of upcoming action figure sets, which are "coming soon."
Eleven (complete with a box of Eggos, of course), Lucas and Mike are grouped together in one box, while Will and Dustin drew the short end of the stick and ended up in a box with the Demogorgon.
Take a look at the upcoming collectibles below. They're expected to hit shelves later this summer.
The second season of Stranger Things is set for release on October 31 via Netflix.

Coming Soon: Stranger Things Action Figures! Funko.com/blogs/news

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