The Duffer Brothers Want You to Fix Your TV Settings Before Watching 'Stranger Things' Season 2

"The key thing is to turn off anything that says 'motion'"

BY Josiah HughesPublished Aug 29, 2017

The Duffer brothers have channelled a great deal of '80s pop culture for Stranger Things, working to ensure that the show looks, sounds and feels like the classic films of their youth. That's why it should come as no surprise that they care about how you watch it.

Ahead of the show's second season, the duo told Vulture that they're fairly obsessive about TV settings. Specifically, they hate the bizarre and surreal frame-blending that happens when you don't turn off the "smooth motion" setting.

"Us and everyone in Hollywood puts so much time and effort and money into getting things to look just right, and when you see it in someone's home, it looks like it was shot on an iPhone," Matt Duffer said.

Ross Duffer added, "It's shocking! We were just at Comic-Con, and we walk on the main floor and the settings on every single TV is wrong. I was like, 'Didn't a bunch of nerds put this together? What is wrong with them?'"

Matt continued, "When I go to my friends' places back home. I'm constantly fixing their TVs."

Ross said, "But they don't notice! I'll be like, 'This looks like garbage,' and I go into the settings and fix it for them, and they're like, 'It doesn't look any different.' "

If you're wanting to watch Stranger Things as the Duffer brothers intended, Matt says "The key thing is to turn off anything that says 'motion.'"

You may as well do that on your television's settings now. Stranger Things Season 2 launches on Netflix on October 27, and will most likely be followed by two more seasons.

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