The 'Baywatch' Trailer Suggests 2017 Might Be Worse Than 2016

The 'Baywatch' Trailer Suggests 2017 Might Be Worse Than 2016
There are a lot of people clamouring for 2016 to be over, but how can we be so sure that 2017 will be any better? For one thing, it looks like film studios are still belabouring the idea of a winking meta-reboot.

Take, for example, the new Baywatch trailer. The film, directed by Horrible Bosses helmer Seth Gordon, stars Zac Efron and (admittedly lovable beefcake) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in a reboot of the famous '90s television series.

Our first taste of the flick promises a sub-par version of the 21 Jump Street reboot, all self-referential humour ("It's up to us to restore the Baywatch brand," Rob Huebel says) and antiquated boobie jokes.

Maybe it'll be the flashy, explosive distraction some of us need while the world burns all around us, but that doesn't mean Baywatch is a good idea. Either way, the film opens on May 26.

Wade through its trailer below.