That ‘70s Show: Season Three

That ‘70s Show is classic junk entertainment, the kind of show you want to despise on principal but get addicted to the more you watch it. As tiresome as the pot and beer references get, there's something endearing enough about the cast to sustain the show's humour. Actors like Topher Grace (Eric), Kurtwood Smith (Red) and Debra Jo Rupp (Kitty) are the core of the show, playing the comically dysfunctional Forman clan. According to series director David Trainer, a retrospective look at season three finds it to be a transitional year for the series and its characters. The show had come into its own after a successful sophomore season, freeing up the cast to simultaneously settle into their characters while also exploring their emotional depth. All of this is done with doses of juvenile humour spurred on by mostly implausible plotlines that somehow are acceptable by each episode's conclusion. Fans of the show will love this collection, which features episode introductions from cast members (Smith's are particularly long and tangential) and further insight from writers and directors about what makes That ‘70s Show tick. Plus: "A look back at Season 3," audio commentary, promos. (Fox)