'The A-Team' Is Being Rebooted Again

'The A-Team' Is Being Rebooted Again
Is there any escape from unnecessary remakes? The answer, of course, is no. With each passing day comes the news of more desperate attempts to scrape in some bucks with another uncalled for reboot. Up next on the docket? The A-Team.

The iconic '80s television show was already been rebooted as a cartoon, as well as a bonkers 2010 remake with Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson. But hey, why not do it again?

The latest iteration of the show is being developed by Fast & Furious writer-producer Chris Morga. He's working with Sleepy Hollow executive producer Stephen J. Cannell and director Tawnia McKiernan, daughter of The A-Team's original creator Stephen J. Cannell.

As with the original, the new A-Team will follow four former commandos who are now mercenaries in a special forces unit. The new version, however, will also include female members in its ranks.

The A-Team reboot doesn't have a home just yet, though don't be surprised if it finds one with one of the many remake-addled TV networks.