'Stranger Things' Actor/Indie Rock Dude Finn Wolfhard Doesn't Know What Shoegaze Is

'Stranger Things' Actor/Indie Rock Dude Finn Wolfhard Doesn't Know What Shoegaze Is
With high-profile roles in both the record-breaking IT and Netflix's Stranger Things, things are going pretty well right now for Finn Wolfhard in the acting world. Yet the young 14-year-old has been moonlighting as a indie-rock star as well, covering the likes of Mac DeMarco, Nirvana and New Order and appearing in PUP videos — not to mention playing in his own band Calpurnia. It may be surprising then that the Vancouver actor/musician apparently has no idea what shoegaze is.

In a recent New York Times piece, Wolfhard went vinyl shopping at Rough Trade in Brooklyn. But when he ran across My Bloody Valentine and the "Indie-Rock/Shoegaze" section, here's what happened, as per the NYT story:

He came across the album Loveless by the British rock group My Bloody Valentine, whom he had never heard before. He was also unfamiliar with the genre it was filed under: Indie-Rock/Shoegaze.

"What does that even mean?" Finn said. A reporter informed him that "shoegaze" refers to bands known to stand still and stare at their shoes on stage. Their popularity peaked two decades ago. "So, are they dad rock?" he said.

All that said, we're not going disagree with his "dad rock" claims here. Plus, as the piece shows, he has good taste in Weezer. "Oh, wow, they have Pinkerton," Wolfhard said of Weezer's 1996 album. "This is so much better than their first one."

Throughout the piece, he also gave props to Mac DeMarco, Twin Peaks, Swmrs and the Baby Driver soundtrack.

If you want to catch Wolfhard IRL, his band Calpurnia will be playing as part of Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern's 70th anniversary celebrations on October 20 and October 21 with Hollerado.