Space Ghost Coast To Coast: Volume Three

Nothing on earth can match the comic powers of Space Ghost Coast To Coast, which is why the Cartoon Network moved it into outer space. Starring '60s Hanna Barbera cartoon superhero Space Ghost, Coast To Coast is easily the most consistently funny avant-garde television program ever to hit the small screen. Using the conventional late night talk show format, host Space Ghost presents a heavy flow of unpredictable comedy that never misses, largely due to his music director, the hatefully uncooperative space mantis Zorak, and the grumpy, back-talking lava man producer Moltar. Volume Three of this intergalactic show continues to toss all sorts of red herrings into the mix while challenging copyright issues with its often irrepressible content. While highlights are abundant, there are plenty of memorable moments that will have you reeling in laughter days later, such as Bob Odenkirk's orgasmic reaction to Space Ghost's blasts, Beck's third-person interview, bombing the French for their insults, Zorak's "This Is Your Life" episode, Moltar calling George Clinton a "Wookie," Randy "Macho Man" Savage as Space Ghost's aging fiery grandpa who challenges a cocky Rob Zombie, and Moltar bullying Mike Judge into repeated takes of voicemail messages. Of course, there is a standout episode that takes the show's disorderly stream of consciousness style to a whole new level. Entitled "Pavement," Space Ghost becomes a megalomaniac scriptwriter, taking full control of the airwaves and delivering the most disjointed episode imaginable. After sending Zorak to an imaginary prison, he recruits "the Beatles" (in fact Pavement) to take over the music, pauses his interview with Red Green to eat chocolate ice cream, fights the evil Fidor in a lo-fi live action sequence with a puppet and action figure, and invites the Great Gazoo on for a cameo. The special features are worthy as well, compiling a revealing "behind the scenes" look at David Cross and Bob Odenkirk's interview, an absurd cartoon competition hosted by Space Ghost, a deadpan yet hilarious in-character "moment" with Jon Stewart, and a brief alternate ending to "Zorak." Plus: two switcheroo extras. (Cartoon Network/Warner)