Sid's Cycle Show Season Two

"It's not where you're's how you get there!" is the tagline for Sid's Cycle Show, a series that features Sidney Edelbroek, your average Joe kind of guy, living out his dream list of activities, including riding bulls, drag racing sports cars on a golf green and herding cows on a motorcycle. Sid should pay more attention to his mantra, however. While he seems entirely loveable, in that burly biker kind of way, his 13-hour-long shows go nowhere and gets there fast. Divided into snippets that find him bantering with unnamed guests, interviewing custom motorcycle companies with absolutely no information given or true attention paid to their craft, and wandering around bike conventions, the show is flat and uninteresting. It's almost as if he's conned his buddies into following him around with a camera and we are subjected to the least boring aspects. But they're far from entertaining. There are only so many plastic women with paid for chests one can bear without seeing penetration, Sid. Sid's Cycle Show endeavours to be the Canadian equivalent of Jackass converging with whatever custom cycle show is popular right now but has neither the insanity of Johnny Knoxville and crew nor the motorbike know-how of American Chopper. We are therefore left with little more than a collection of banal moments in some dude's day strung along to the worst soundtrack imaginable: bad garage bands stuck in the mid-'90s. Extras of outtakes Sid has deemed "too hot for TV" are about the only interesting moments and even they're stretched further than the skin on most of the silicone-injected women flaunted within. He's struggling to be provocative and it doesn't work. How this made it to a second season is unfathomable and unless Sid comes up with something more engaging than what we can all do in our backyard, he there may not be a third. (Seed Productions)