Shomi Streaming Service Expanding to More Devices This Summer

Shomi Streaming Service Expanding to More Devices This Summer
Until recently, it's been tough for Canadians to access television programs without a standard cable subscription. Putting an end to the need for torrents, IP blockers and other potentially dubious activities, Shaw and Rogers launched Shomi last year. The service was still limited to use by their cable subscribers, but that will change this summer as Shomi is set to expand.

The platform, which mirrors American streaming services like Hulu, will soon be available to anyone with an internet connection. That means you'll be able to access Shomi through mobile and tablet devices, your desktop computer, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Chromecast and cable boxes.

Shomi has secured deals with many of the big American production houses, and currently boasts exclusive Canadian rights to Amazon Originals like Transparent and Betas. It also offers users the option to catch up on episodes of programs like Sons of Anarchy and The Americans as well as a large library of movies.

Shomi will be available to cable and non-cable users for a monthly fee of $8.99 a month.

Along with Shomi, Bell recently launched their own platform called CraveTV, but that one's only limited to Bell subscribers.