Shia LaBeouf Says #AllMyMovies Art Project Made Him Love Himself

Shia LaBeouf Says #AllMyMovies Art Project Made Him Love Himself
Last week, child actor turned annoyingly compelling performance artist Shia LaBeouf finally did something great. Working with his art collective LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner, he watched all of his movies in reverse chronological order at the Angelika Film Centre in New York City. Now, the Beef has opened up about his experiences.

The binge-watch was livestreamed throughout the world and was full of memorable moments that included colourful popcorn, deep naps and tears of joy. Speaking on the NewHive site that hosted the stream [via NME], Shia offered some insights as to what was going through his head while he watched 30 movies.

As it turns out, even Shia LaBeouf gets a little annoyed by Shia LaBeouf. "I always go into these things every time — and this is my self-hate at work — what if they light my hair on fire? This is a genuine fear of mine. I think people hate me. That's just what goes on in my head. And all I want to do is be liked... I walked out loving myself. Not in some grandiose, you're fucking awesome way, but in like, you're a part of a community. You're a part of this human thing."

Further, it made the actor realize that he's a human being. "You're in this human thing. I've always felt as though, 'I'm just an animal in this human thing. And I'll play the human game. I'll wear the human mask.' But coming out of there, it's the first time I've actually felt part of this —it was very humanising for me. I walked out loving myself. And I don't think I was the only one to feel that."

Things took a weirder turn when LaBeouf started rambling about his Starbucks orders, though it sounds like he had some sort of self-discovery when it comes to his first name. "It's as simple as this: I used to order my coffee and when they'd say, 'Hey what's your name?' I'd say James, because I didn't want them to say my name... I would never claim my name. And today it's just something different, it's as simple as that. And it's not through thought it's just 'that's me' and I'm cool with that. It's the first time really in my life, before the other shows, because all of the other shows never changed my coffee order name. This shit changed my coffee order name, which in turn, changed my sense of self."

And just as we all expected from the livestream, LaBeouf really, really hated the second Transformers movie. "[For] Transformers 2 they could feel when I sunk in my seat. That's not a performative thing. That's me going through some kind of crisis. And I'm not the only one. I remember right before I fell asleep I looked next to me and the guy next to me was falling asleep. You can see it on the screenshot we're both asleep. And the guy behind us is asleep."