​Samantha Bee Calls Out #MeToo Backlash Following Aziz Ansari Allegations

​Samantha Bee Calls Out #MeToo Backlash Following Aziz Ansari Allegations
The sadly inevitable backlash against the #MeToo movement has arrived in full force with stars like Alec Baldwin, Liam Neeson and Catherine Deneuve calling it all into question. Samantha Bee, however, countered the rising backlash last night (January 17) on her late-night show Full Frontal with Samatha Bee.
During one segment, Bee dubbed the backlash the #YouTooLoud movement. She defended the Shitty Media Men list, which circulated among women in media warning them against men who were "pinchy, hostile, pervy, gropey, grabby, plagiarizy and rapey" — or as Bee put it, "the Weinstein Company version of the Seven Dwarves."
She continued to voice support of the #MeToo movement, and then broached the subject of the complicated allegations against Aziz Ansari. The story was revealed on Babe last weekend and has since ignited fierce debate over both journalistic ethics and the definitions of consent and sexual misconduct.
She closed by offering up a sarcastic apology to men, and then said, "Men, if you say you're a feminist, then fuck like a feminist. And it you don't want to do that, take off your fucking [Time's Up] pin, because we are not your accessories."
Watch the clip in question below.