Robin Hardy is Crowdfunding Final 'Wicker Man' Film

Robin Hardy is Crowdfunding Final 'Wicker Man' Film
Robin Hardy offered up a true cult classic with his beloved 1973 film The Wicker Man before pissing off audiences with its follow-up The Wicker Tree. Perhaps in an effort to right his wrong, he's launched a crowdfunding campaign for a third Wicker film.

Hardy kicked off an Indiegogo campaign, where he's seeking a mere $210,000 USD to fund a film called The Wrath of the Gods. This would mark the final film in the Wicker Man trilogy.

A truly bizarre plot summary is available on the campaign page and suggests the film will feature everything from carnivals to steam punks:

The Whimsey Company of Burbank California decide to create a theme park featuring the Norse Saga, a story of warring Gods and Giants and sly, scheming Elves. A group of intrepid Californians journey into their sub-arctic world completely unprepared to deal with the descendants of the warrior Vikings, a people who believe in the supernatural.

Whimsey CEO Herb Boden (James Mapes) and his son Ziggy (Christopher Leveaux) are led into this doomed enterprise by the lovely Bryn (Halla Williams), herself a Scandinavian who sings like an Angel. Her father, Oscar, chief of Police, tries to keep the peace between the Whimsey crowd and the resentful Vikings. He is diverted by the arrival of the beautiful Clarissa, who shares his passion for Steam Punk and is a kindred spirit.

While its hard to know if they'll reach their funding goal, The Wrath of the Gods is expected to start shooting this fall. Watch the crowdfunding video below.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for the tip.