Randy and Evi Quaid Freed in U.S. After Judge Dismisses Charges

Randy and Evi Quaid Freed in U.S. After Judge Dismisses Charges
The legal drama continues for troubled Hollywood actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi. Just days after Randy was arrested in Montreal, the couple got locked up while trying to cross the border into Vermont. Now, they've been freed once again and are apparently focusing on clearing their name of other legal charges.

They had been arrested in Vermont last Friday (October 9) on allegations that they were fugitives due to outstanding felony charges filed in California in 2010, when the Quaids were found to be living in the guest house of a property they previously owned.

A Vermont judge has now dismissed the claims that they are fugitives from justice and released them from their recent short stint in jail. Judge Alison Arms apparently found some discrepancies in the dates of the accusations against them, and she said that there wasn't probable cause to support the allegations.

"It's a very big relief to have been vindicated," he told Good Morning America, adding: "It was like finally somebody understands our situation."

Randy said he spent his time in detention playing cribbage and Sudoku with his fellow inmates, while Evi claimed that she was threatened by another inmate who put feces in her cell.

Now that they're free, the Quaids plan to stay in Vermont, but they'll also address the charges in California. The Santa Barbara County District Attorney's Office has said that it will seek a warrant to force the couple to return to California, but this could take some time to acquire. Randy said, "I never worried about being found guilty or any of that for any of these charges because I know the truth, and I know the facts are going to come out at some point, and today was a good sign of that."

The Quaids came to Canada in 2010 and attempted to get refugee status, as they claimed that they were being pursued by "star whackers" intent on killing celebrities. While Evi got her Canadian citizenship, Randy's immigrant application was rejected in 2013. He was arrested earlier this year after he was found to be still living in Montreal, and he was required to periodically check in with officials after that. It was during one of the meetings that he was arrested last week.

Randy has appeared in films like Independence Day, Brokeback Mountain and National Lampoon's Vacation.