R.I.P. 'Friday' / 'Fifth Element' Star Tommy "Tiny" Lister

R.I.P. 'Friday' / 'Fifth Element' Star Tommy 'Tiny' Lister
Tommy "Tiny" Lister — the former pro wrestler-turned-actor — has died. News broke this evening that Lister was found dead in his Marina Del Rey apartment this afternoon afternoon. Lister was 62.

According to TMZ, Lister — who wrestling fans may also remember as Zeus from his WWE and WCW days — was pronounced dead at the scene when police were called to his home earlier today. So far, however, a cause of death has yet to be revealed.

UPDATE (12/11. 4 p.m. ET): As TMZ reports, Lister's manager has said the late star was experiencing COVID-19 symptoms in the days leading up to his death. However, it's still unclear if he died as a result of the virus.

As an actor, Lister will forever be remembered for his hugely memorable role as Deebo in the Friday films, as well as President Lindberg in The Fifth Element. More recently, Lister also was in The Dark Knight.

Lister also starred opposite Hulk Hogan in the classic 1989 wrestling flick No Holds Barred, as well as in other '80s films.